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At every moment the skies are changing. By drawing the stars of a moment we see, as a picture, a reflection of the stars above, themselves a reflection of a Cosmic Harmony.
By reading that drawing with the grammar of Astrology we can understand more about the uniqueness of that moment. And how unique we are, if that moment is the one in which we were brought into this world.

Live Traditional Astrology Readings (via Skype or phone)

Interactive analysis and counselling about all life related issues, including
  • career and finances
  • love and relationships
  • patterns of behaviour
  • self-knowledge and personal growth
  • understanding different cycles of life
  • and many others (read more)

 Readings by video or audio call, via Skype (a free computer to computer online call software), or, if you prefer, by phone.

No prefabricated reports, just plain talk, with the depth you wish, about the subjects you want.

Legal disclaimer: Please note that all advice is for guidance only. For legal, medical, financial or other specialist questions please seek independent professional advice.


Research on the influence of Astrology throughout the Ages


For many centuries Astrology has been seen by many as an Art, and the one who could read the language of the stars an Artist, someone that could skilfully translate the patterns of the stars into meanings of things on this Earth. In many other Arts, meanings that go beyond our everyday practical existence are expressed through the flame of inspiration, be it by the hand of the painter or the tongue of the poet.

It is through the lens of inspiration and genius that this area will be a place of research for the influence of astrology in different Arts (such as painting or sculpture, architecture or poetry), in systems of thought and in spiritualities from different periods in History.

  • Planets and Gods
  • Stars and Stories
  • Famous Astrologers
  • Artists inspired by Astrology
  • Cultures and Cosmologies

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